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Thursday, May 13, 2010

WOO HOO!~50,000 Visitors!!! /Blog Candy!~ Where are All my Friends?~CLOSED!!!!

Happy Thurs.

Hi~ya All!

A very happy Thursday to all of my visitors and friends. I was wondering where all my blogging friends were. I reached my 2nd year blogoversary on Sat., May 8th, and had not reached my 50,000 visitor yet. It really amazes me at the amount of visitors and comments you receive with just a regular post. If it is a give-away you receive so many comments and visits, but if it is a regular post, you only receive comments from your regular friends who visits when you post a new item. Some of my visitors only come when I am giving away blog candy, and you don't see them again until the next candy. When I visit a blog, I try to leave a comment letting them know I was there, or at least sign their guest book if it is available. I know everyone is busy, and sometimes they don't have the time to comment on your post, but let it be blog candy or a giveaway, and they make sure they leave a comment to enter. They even go so far as to say "if I don't win, I will visit your store and purchase some jammies." Well, I am still waiting for them to make a purchase. I know some of you think that I am cruel to post this, but since this is my blog, I feel I can speak my mind here... I hope I am not offending anyone, but those of you who, and you know who you are, this message is for you. I can't wait to see how many of them leave a comment on this post, it might surprise you. With that said, I will move on.

In honor of my 50,000 visits and my 2nd blogoversary, I will be giving away a Cricut dust cover for one of your toys. There is a Expression, Baby, and Cuttlebug cover, for you to choose from. I am not giving away a whole set, but after you choose your prize, you can purchase additional matching covers on my store here. I hope if you are interested you will leave a comment, that is the only way you will be entered to win. I will draw a winner on Sunday May 16th by 6:00 p.m. Thanks to all my regular visitors and friends who do take the time to leave a comment. This candy is open to all, to include all my friends and I will ship worldwide. Have a great rest of the week.

"Um Buggin"


DonnaMundinger said...

Well Lillie, this certainly is true. Glad it doesn't apply to me, though. You know I always comment, girlfriend cause I LOVE your stuff! Congrats on your blogaversary and 50,000 hits. xxD

~JulieH~ said...

Hey Lillie congrats on 50000 hits my friend!
I am a little guilty of not posting on my fave blogs when life gets busy but do try and catch up when I can!
Hope we get to chat soon!

Sharon Caudle said...

Hi Lillie! I don't get to do much blog hopping anymore, but I try and visit you every once in a while, and leave a comment when I do. A huge congrats to you for all your milestones, and I wish you many more in the future!

mary said...

Happy Blogversary and 50,000 hits. First time visiting your blog. My poor CE is naked and could use some jammies. I will check out your etsy store.
mdot kdot schmidt athotmail dotcom

Loopylou. said...

lillie that really is true hun. I very rarely enter any blog candy's but do pop along to your blog and leave you comments hun!!! I love a 'lillie creation' and congratulations to 50,000 already!! happy blogaversary hun xxx

Sue said...

You do beautiful work and I love seeing your things. I am also not one that enters the blog candy. There are so many that do I always figure I don't have a chance anyway. I usually visit a site when I get something in my mail and reminds me of that blog. I understand how you feel. I will be better at leaving comments. Have a wonderful day. Thank you for taking the time to share with us.

Anonymous said...

You go girl! Tell it like it is!!! I probably am guilty of not stopping by as often as I used to, but when I do stop by, I never leave before commenting. There are some people out there who do NOTHING but blog hop to find free stuff...so rude! Congratulations on your 2 year blogaversary and 50,000 visits...WOW!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

You are so right Lillie, and like you said, it's your blog and you can say what you want. Congrats on your 50,0000 hits. hugs

PeggyLovesVintage said...

Congrats on your blogaversary and 50,000 hits! Quite an accomplishment!

Kelly said...

You go girlfriend...I agree with Margie...Tell it like it is...it's YOUR blog and you should be able to speak your mind! Blogging is a lot of work and those that have blogs should know that! It is so disheartening to go to the trouble to post something for a handful of comments. I seldom do blog hops or comment for candy but I do try to post comments on all the postings since my last visit. I love your work and I really miss you when you don't post regularly. Congratulations on your blogaversary and 50,000 hits!

LadybugCarrie said...

Congrats on 50,000 hits! I must say that I am guilty of not always posting a comment, but I do visit your blog on a regular basis! :-) I will make sure to do a better job at leaving comments in the future! :-)

eunice said...

Hi Lillie! I had to stop and leave a comment even tho the blog candy is closed. I don't get a chance to blog hop or even post much on my own blog recently, but I really love that you always leave such sweet comments when you come and visit. As always, I always enjoy visitng your blog, you are and always have been a great inspiration to me. Thank you, for always sharing your beautiful work and congratulations on your blogaversary!!!!

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