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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No, I Haven't Been Being Bad!!

Hello All!

I hope everyone is doing well, this Tuesday. I have not been being a bad blogger again, just wanted to check in and let everyone know what is happening. A week ago this past Friday, my computer crashed!! It is my main desktop that I have all my programs on, I do have a laptop, but hardly anything on there. Anyways I had to do a systems restore, and I did try to backup most of my information. I also have an online backup with Comcast, but only so much gets saved. Well, Comcast was great and did manage to restore some of my files. I have a lot more saved in a backup folder but will need an IT tech, to get the rest of the info back. I had to download my programs again to make lots of stuff work again. Very time consuming.!!

A quick note, I have added a new followers button, because Google will cut off followers that are on a different platform, type-pad, etc. So if you are not on blogger, then follow me there. I also heard that blogger is getting rid of its followers list, (not sure of this.) Just letting everyone know, I wouldn't want to loose any of my followers. Also the guest book is due to disappear too. Why are they doing this????

If you visit my blog, be sure to sign up on my new followers list , so I won't loose you. Hope to catch you later on this week, as I am feeling a little under the weather, flu bug or something coming on. That is all for now, be back when I feel better, and get some of my information back.

"Um Buggin"


Audrey Frelx said...

Oh, my sweet friend, it really does seem that when it rains it pours!!!

How horrible that your computer crashed, that's never easy or pleasant! And I'll just have to send up a knee-mail that whatever is making you feel uncomforable -- cold, flu, whatever -- that it just keeps on going and leaves my friend alone!!! LOL!

Of course I'm Linky Following you, and when you get a chance come on over and sign up on my too. I wish Google would just leave well enough alone!

Hugs, sweetie!

Sandi said...

oh I hate it when that happens, hope all is fixed soon. hugs

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