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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hip Huggin' ~Jammies for my Bug!

Color is off on #3, it is brown not black.

Serged the edges in white for better viewing.

Happy Tues.!

Hi~ya All!

Hope everyone is doing fine on this Tuesday evening. It seems like once Monday is over, the weekend is right upon us. Anyway, I wanted to share with you my little creation I did today. No card, I dusted off my sewing machine and serger, (have been in my closet for about 2 years), and decided to try to make a dust cover for my Cricut E. I looked on the internet for a pattern but wasn't really liking what I was finding. So I decided to create my own. This is simply trial and error, but I did like my finished product. I wanted a snug fitting cover for my E, along with the flap, because I have a embroidery machine so I can customize the cover. This one I made with some scrap material, and added Pellon fleece lining to the flap. If I wanted to make a reversible cover I could. I also added elastic to the bottom to ensure a snug fit. The padding also helps to protect the top of your machine, in case something is dropped on it. I could have went out and purchased quilted material, but since I have so much in my stash, plus padding I can add it to it. I need to play around with the sizes a bit more if I am going to make it reversible. You can see it fits like a pair of hip-hugger jeans now, lol. I will re-size my next cut for a little more play, and add a few more details, like side pockets, personalize names, ect. Tell me what you think? Leave me a comment. I Will be on chat tomorrow Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. Join me. Catcha later!

"Um Buggin"


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Lillie that is just adorable.. I love it. AND I did get the pattern from Okie, but it doesn't look like you need it. Way Way too cute.

DonnaMundinger said...

Lillie this is gorgeous! Wow, you came up with this in no time! See how much you get done when I'm not around? LOL Talk to you later today after the hair appt. xxD

Nilda Rockenbach said...

I love it.. its soooooo cute.. I see many cricuts are going to be cozy...and show off their hips while at it. ... lol

Stacey said...

Very cute! I would love to have one of these for my E.

Nubian Crafter said...

Great job!!! I love it, will you be offering them for sale?

~JulieH~ said...

Oh Lillie you are a woman of many talents! Look how gorgeous your E looks all dressed in her jammies! I love it!

Glenda said...

I feel like a proud Mom!!! Glad I was a little pushy with you, because I just KNEW this would be yet another thing you would take & run with & incorporate your own fabulous style to it!!! Love all the little details, which is your signature style with your cards as well!

It is absolutely beautiful!! Hope I'm first in line when you starting creating custom designs for others, (since I've been waiting for my Expression cover for years now!!).

I see a new business venture in your future & I know it will be a successful one for you, if you decide to do so. Congratulations on another beautiful creation!


Vicki said...

With reasonable prices, I'll be in line, too. The ones I have found online are too high for my budget and I can't sew a straight line, so I'm on the verge of desperate for someone with your talents to create one for me. Great job and thanks for sharing it with us on the MB.


Anonymous said...

從來名利地,皆起是非心。 ..................................................

Velta said...

Oh my Lils you have me laughing...talk about love for your CE...jammies...well as late as it is now, I swear I will be laughing the rest of the morning. We are supposed to get 2 to 5 inches of snow today...mmmmm...that's a new one here! Take care girl and keep the fun coming!!!

Nita's World Handmade said...

Very, very nice!

eunice said...

Oh, this one is purty too! The embroidered butterfly accent you used really makes this so special.

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